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14 March 2020 @ 08:31 am

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06 April 2007 @ 04:01 pm
So, I've been thinking. A lot, actually, about my fandom. 'My.' I don't neccessarily mean that I own them, I just mean that I'm a part of a fandom. And it's a fandom I'm glad to be a part of. There's a group of us that seem to show up on FLists across the fandom. Some of them I don't have, and maybe one day will, and other's of them I have and I adore them to death. It also hit me that we're not as split of a fandom as the other ones I've seen. Sure, we all have out opinions, but I don't think we'll every see an all out war of Merry Fans vs. Merry Fans. I think we've all grown together, come to realize that this is more than just a band. For some of us it's a religion, a philosophy, the thing we've all come to know and respect as No Merry No Life, and we're all NMNLers.

But as far as Merry themselves goes. I've never really explained why I love them as a band, as musicians, as people. I've also not issued my official thoughts on Blind Romance.

So, why does Andi love Merry? I find them all very talented. I like that Gara has within himself the ability to crypitc and violent and sorrowful and angered and hateful and lustful and everything that Kyo has the ability to be without the language. And every time I find myself thinking back to what my 6th grade chorus teacher told us: It's much better to say that someone's a vulgar, repulsive, snake in the grass than to call them a fucking manipulative bitch. There's something more elegant in the use of real words that lacks in explitives. I love their range, their style. I like the catchy tunes, I love the fact that they took an entire song and set only a whistle to it. I love the jazz aspects. I love how they came out of different bands and had second thoughts about members but decided that that was who Merry was going to be: Gara, Yuu, Kenichi, Tetsu, and Nero.

I'm deeply moved by Gara. We don't need to hear him talk, he doesn't have to. And that's why he doesn't. All he needs to do is sing and he can bring forth in us any emotion imaginable. I love his scream (like in PLTC), and I love how he can take a somewhat upbeat song (Rest in Peace) and turn it in to the actual soul-wrenching song it is in the SER live acoustic. I'm moved by his words. His songs could stand alone as just words bound in a poetry book. I love how with a simple move of his head, a twitch of his eyebrows, the slight smile, the covering of his mouth with his hand, he can force you to believe everything that he says with such a nonchalant air.

There's something distinct about Merry guitar. They are the proverbial chords that cut like a knife. Few other bands are around that by guitar, without meaning behind the guitarists' themselves, can bring chills. Seperately Yuu and Ken are two different styles, two different people. But when they're put together the poetry takes a different meaning, takes on wings of it's own. I love Yuu's jazz, Kenichi's spaz. I love that each song has it's own soul without being too different from everything I've learned to love. I completely adore the bass too. It's deep, it contrasts Tetsu himself (as Kenichi so wonderfully pointed out '[Tetsu is] to pretty to play bass'). It could stand alone, and often times does. Blind Romance is an example of that. There's something different about the way that the bass line meshes with the drum line, something that makes me stop and think why more music isn't written that way.

I'll be the first to admit that I was skeptical of Nero as a drummer. He seems too out there, too much of an in-control personality, too much of a character to sit behind a drumkit and pull a song together. At first it seemed to me as if he'd try nd tear it apart. But I realize that I was wrong, and am glad for that. Nero is one of the few drummers who doesn't simply sit there and play. He has fun, he's energetic, his lines are hard and soft and anywhere in between. Instead of tearing apart the songs he provides another insight to how the song should sound. It's what we all know and love as Nerorism. Nero Rhythm. His character comes out more as time goes on, and the more it does the more attatched I grow to him.

In the Merry fandom (as has been my observation), we all love each of the members. We realize that the five of them create this spectacular event, this relentless torrent of, well, awesome. So, then, how do we pick favourites? I can't explain everyone, but I can explain me & Kenichi. Like Gara, he doesn't need to speak. It's understood the moment he picks up guitar that he means business; that you're going to believe what he plays and if he can't convince you to then he's going to die trying. He's devoted his soul to everything that he does. He lets on enough of his personality to be a kind and loving person, but still lets us know his flaws: his love for material things and his untidyness. It makes him personable. And I even forgave him for that terrible mustache because that wasn't who he is. It's part of what he looks like, but it doesn't define him like, let's say, Mr. Miagi's defined him. I love to see him smile, and it hurts me when he looks upset.

As for Blind Romance. I like it, it's a good song. The music is better than the video. It seems like another step in a different direction, like I first thought of Sayonara Ame, but it's still Merry. It's still going to make you believe what they're telling you, and you're going to believe that they put themselves in to it (even if the PV leaves room for Gara/Atsushi fics as a result of the similarities to BT's Romance).

I guess that's all. I just thought I should share with you guys.
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06 November 2006 @ 05:19 pm
who i belong to, and who belongs to meCollapse )
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